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We are DeepCanon Inc., an engineering company that is dedicated to making dreams come true. We believe that if you’ve got an idea, you should be able to do anything with it, and we’re here to help. That’s why we work with entrepreneurs, funders, IT experts, engineers and anyone who wants to innovate and make their ideas come alive.

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Intelligent ICU

The intelligent ICU is a data-driven and intelligent medical system designed to prevent sepsis and decrease patient return rates. It reduces overall admission and monitoring costs of ICU by automating doctors’ and nurses’ monitoring tasks and making their times accessible for more accurate caring for higher priority patients. This system will also reduce the overall treatment cost for patients and insurance companies.

Here are the seven dimensions of the project:

  • Making a dynamic and intelligent Database
  • Decision-making structure and financial, administrative mechanisms
  • Machine scientist
  • Personalized Treatment Management
  • Data-driven analysis and forecasting
  • Discovering new treatments, diagnostic and drug therapy
  • Data-Driven control


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